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  Sports glasses, refers mens oakley sunglasses to the movement of the wearer's safety glasses, usually equipped with a high-level security, protection, comfortable, beautiful effect. PC lenses that space film, which is not broken do not crack the lens, 100% security.
  Because of the diverse types of outdoor sports, including cycling extreme, outdoor climbing, jogging, skiing, golf, camping and other moving, so, for different sports, sports glasses functional cool sunglasses for men requirements are also different. For those who engage in intense extreme sports, sports safety glasses should be configured, which have safety (PC lens), protection (TR-90 frame), comfort (non-slip nose pads and gloves), aesthetics (with sports and leisure clothing with ) effect.
  Select the required frame soft and flexible, impact-resistant, the movement does not damage the security of the face. Veneer frame design allows the eye close to the edge of the frame to prevent the strong wind stimulation of rapid movement of the eyes. Care about sports glasses: the lens is dirty, when, in addition to other solutions may not use detergent to clean the outside mirrors. Polaroid maintenance: avoid water and ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarizing mens oakley sunglasses white effect.
  Myopia is a combination of professional basketball basketball mirror frame and myopic lenses, the eye is relatively common framework, the myopic lens wear more solid basketball, frames using an elastic cord, can appropriately adjust the tightness.
  Myopic lens is riding a bicycle or motorcycle riding long distance use, using sets of mirror mode provides myopic lenses, reduce myopia family trouble and inconvenience.
  Moreover, sports myopia give the best guarantee new mens oakley sunglasses in terms of quality, it is recommended to choose myopic lens unbreakable lenses PC lens, able to withstand the inevitable collision sport, which is particularly important for myopia basketball mirror.
  Of course, sports glasses and other glasses glasses process is the same, the understanding of their situation after myopia appropriate choice. The best is the first professional optometry, do not guess their own glasses, so as to ensure the normal visual acuity, and ensure the stability of vision.
  Above is the effect of sports glasses, mainly mens oakley sunglasses sale designed specifically with the movement needs is a major sports glasses have myopia myopia basketball mirror myopia swimming goggles riding is mainly used to see him wearing a version of the wearer is more secure must be professional optometry, do not guess their own glasses, so as to ensure the normal visual acuity, and ensure the stability of vision.