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  There is not enough gas field then do not wear
  Liu Jie, a company employee,ray ban polarized commuting by car must be equipped with a pair of sunglasses. The main is to block the sun, weekdays, hot summer, a comfortable tan sunglasses can make you tired stunning the audience immediately.
  Liu Jie said that a child is playing with a favorite photograph sunglasses, sunglasses when not many styles and brands. When the school will save up the money to buy sunglasses decorate themselves. So polarized ray bans Liu Jie home there are dozens of small and large sunglasses deputy.
  About sunglasses, recently Liu Jie's grandfather trouble a joke. One day, Liu Jie Liu Jie grandfather to home, sitting on the couch watching TV, I found a pair of sunglasses placed on the coffee table, it is often drove shade used.
  Grandpa picked up wearing sunglasses, walked up before the TV, close the screen looked for a moment, remove the sunglasses back on the table, did not make a ray ban polarized sunglasses sound.
  After lunch, my grandfather wanted to go home, leaving Liu Jie said: "can you put sunglasses on the coffee table for me?" Liu Jie did not understand my grandfather: "Do you want sunglasses do?" Grandpa said: "The home that computer, your grandmother always said screen is too bright, the Internet, the eyes can not stand, sunglasses to get back to her Dangdang light."
  Liu Jie said: "We are not ray ban folding wayfarer polarized a star, there is no need at the supermarket or when you are wearing a morning run big sunglasses; however, if you do not resent that is both elegant and unassuming star Look, the point of manufacture to use sunglasses to their star taste it is worth doing. "
  Liu Jie said, there are two options to create the most star quality. One is keeping up with the trend, always wear sunglasses most avant-garde of the most dazzling. Another approach is to choose one of the most distinctive and most suitable for your sunglasses, regardless of seasons to wear it until I become your logo sunglasses, until people see you, you can think of this sunglasses, watch The sunglasses will be able to think of you, or even suspect that you are the spokesman for this sunglasses, then polarized ray ban it could not happen to wear, people will look at you look familiar, but life and death can not remember who you are. This of course also has style and worry, but if you do not have enough personal temperament, might be mistaken for the blind.